27 Oct 2013

Hand Shake Problem

Puzzle Problem : (Hand Shake Problem)
Ten people (five couples) go to a party and start shaking hands.
You don't shake your spouse's hand or (of course) your own.
Give number of handshakes that happened at the party.


 There are totally 40 handshakes....

First couple handshake with other is 8+8 = 16
Second couple handshake with other except first couple..becuase we already add their handshakes.
so i.e. 6+6 = 12
Third couple handshakes is 4+4 = 8 (minus the first two couples handshake)
Fourth couple handshakes is 2+2 = 4 (minus the first three couples handshake)
Last couple handshakes is 0+0 = 0 (minus the first four couples handshake)

so total 16+12+8+4 = 40

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